About Us

The MSLCRA provides bankers in the greater St. Louis region an opportunity to share, learn, and grow professionally in a cooperative environment.F

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The MSLCRA,  along with its members and partners, is committed to providing Community Reinvestment throughout the in the Greater St. Louis Region.

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The MSLCRA works to provide its members with a variety of networking, professionals development and volunteer opportunities in Community Reinvestment.

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cra_logoThe purpose of the Association is to work to identify the credit needs of the community and actively promote efforts to meet those needs; to assist small business owners to maintain and increase their capacity, which will result in job creation and promotion of economic development; and to provide and promote professional development for community development professionals. The Metropolitan St Louis CRA Association was formed at the suggestion of the Federal Regulators: the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis, the FDIC and the OCC to provide a venue allowing banks of all sizes within the St Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to come together in a non-competitive environment to share best practice.